Why Music and Zombies?

Writing is one of the quintessential forms of communication in the world today. Students write papers. Teacher’s write letters and notices. Offices send out e-mails. Family members and friends write through facebook. People write. Whether it is a story, an article, an essay, or just a quick note to a friend, we still write. We write down our thoughts and feelings. We write down what is happening in our life. We write down the things we think and feel. We write down our life stories.

Sometimes I wonder if writing things validates them for us. In our minds it isn’t something that can be considered until it is written down. It might not feel true if it isn’t written down. In our excitement, we have to update our facebook and let the world know. It isn’t official until it is on facebook. Or if you are struggling with something, you haven’t actually admitted it,  till you wrote it to someone in facebook chat. It is an interesting thought, to say the least.

Sometimes writing is cathartic. It helps release feelings of frustration or anger or a variety of other emotions. It lets us take our ranting and put it out there so that we don’t have it bottled inside. It is a constructive way to control our personal emotional roller coasters. At least, sometimes it is

Sometimes writing is an art. It gives us a chance to explore word choice and text structure. We get to create worlds and characters and explore the choices they make. We get to show specific images and portray feelings. We get to question morality and discuss philosophy in the actions of an individual that we created.

So, the question still remains.

Why music and zombies?

To me, music is the ultimate form of communication. It releases feelings and emotions. It tells stories. It is an immensely beautiful art form. The orchestral piece and the punk rock single are equals in that music is, to me, an ultimate form of expression. It gives me a sense of peace when I need it and it gives me a sense of validation for me emotions when I need that. In a sense, everything that I wish writing a blog could be, music is to me.

Which makes sense.

But why the zombies?

Zombies are fear. Zombies are fun. Zombies are monotony. Zombies are a host of things. They show us the fears that we have buried inside us, fears that maybe if I write about, I can finally conquer. They show me the fun in life. I regularly go and kill zombies just to relax and release the stress that I might be feeling. Zombies are, to some people, a way to show us what we might become should we as a human race all give into the same things without questioning anything. Zombies are just as much a way to communicate with the world as music is.

It’s just a different venue of communication.

Maybe, just maybe, I can utilize them both to get my feelings in print. I can explore the world and learn more about myself and living. Maybe.

Then again, it might just be for the sweet guitar riffs and the brains.