Ankle Update

The result of my injured ankle from yesterday  So, remember how yesterday I injured my ankle? Well, was really hoping that it wouldn’t be too bad today. You know, wake up. Maybe have some residual soreness and nothing more? Yeah, no. Still could not walk this morning. Still could not put any weight on my right ankle. Still could not put pressure on my ankle or twist it or turn it. Nothing. Just a swollen ankle that continued to throb.

So, I spoke with my mom and decided to make an appointment with an orthopedist. Got an afternoon appointment. Spent the day laid up. Watched some Stargate: Atlantis. Got some knitting done. Played some Portal on the X-Box. Generally just relaxed as the day slowly went by. Finally got to go in for my appointment.

Doctor took some x-rays (of course) to check on whether or not the ankle was broken. “Good news. The ankle is not broken! Bad news. The ankle is not broken.” Apparently, x-rays only show bone issues. Any soft tissue damage is just guess work based on years of doctors treating ankle issues. (Not that this surprises me. But MRIs are expensive. So I’m not upset by this either). Due to the fact that one side of my ankle is swollen, the other bruised, and both are tender, the ruling says…

Drum Roll Please…


That’s right. I sprained the ligament going across the top of my ankle. Sprained it right good. Was blessed with this lovely boot to wear for the next month. Was told no Karate practice (which sucks), no participating in the Ren Faire as a cast member (which majorly sucks), no driving for the first week, etc.

Yup. That’s right. I’m laid up. And man does it suck!

Though, it could be worse. I could need surgery, right?


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