Wedding Gifts

Is it just me, or is it incredibly difficult to figure out what to do as a wedding gift?

My boyfriend and I were just invited to the second wedding among our circle of friends. Each time, we have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to do as a wedding gift. We have scoured the internet and the advice we find is not always helpful or fun to read.

How much should the gift cost? Internet says somewhere around $100. My mom says enough to cover what they paid for to have you as a guest. $100 is something my boyfriend and I cannot afford. Between the two of us he works a part time job and that’s it. I teach a piano lesson once a week, usually. In other words. We don’t have that kind of money. We just don’t. As for what my mom says, it makes sense. I actually like that idea. But on the other hand, how do we figure out that number? Outright asking seems rude and unnecessary, but guessing could make my gift completely unreasonable.

Then a lot of things say “Get his/her items.” Personally? I don’t like his/her items. I also refuse to get something for someone that I wouldn’t use myself. Unless I am 100% certain it is what they want, I think it is a horrible idea.

A lot of places say “Get items for them to use in their new home.” That makes a lot of sense, but so many things for the home are so expensive. Again, I don’t have that kind of money.

So, what do I do?

The first wedding we went to, we bought them a stained glass window hanging. It was simple and it had the celtic three pointed knot. The two of them love this knot and have it everywhere in their home. Luckily, they liked the item a lot. Then again, they were easy.

My upcoming friends and their wedding is a lot more tough. Though my current idea seems to be one that a few people have felt was an excellent idea. A hand knit afghan. Firstly, the bride is someone who loves fiber crafts. She knits. She sews. She even spins her own yarn. So, on that front, she’d love it. Not to mention the fact that I usually go to her when I have knitting questions and she helps me through my knitting difficulties. So, that is a great idea for her. I don’t know so much about him. But it would fit the “Get an item for the home” thing since many people have Afghans on their couches or love seats or what have you. Plus, it sort of fits the his/her thing because they can share it as they watch tv or cuddle in the evening together. So, on that hand, it seems to be a good idea.

Plus, a few other friends who I have run it by said it would be a good gift because of the amount of love and work that goes into making one. So, having a few other couples agree that it is a good gift, made me feel a lot better. So, now I just have to pick out a pattern and get to work.

Though, I must say, I really wish that weddings were so much easier to prepare for. And right now, I’m just the guest. Dear lord, what will my own wedding prep be like!


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