Wait, seriously Stargate?

Do you ever wonder what makes a TV show what it is? We each have specific genres or show types that we fall for and find immensely satisfying? Me personally? I love action adventure, science-fiction, legal drama. I cannot stand Soap Opera. I cannot stand relationship drama. I have enough relationship drama amongst my friends that I honestly don’t want to watch it on tv. The most I want in relationship drama is like in Stargate: Atlantis when Ronon Dex and Dr. Rodney McKay were competing for Dr. Jennifer’s hand. But it wasn’t the focus of the show. Not even close. The focus remained on the war with the wraith. And honestly, that is far more interesting to me than anything a soap opera could send me.

I was recently introduced to the Stargate franchise. I was instantly hooked by the movie. Science Fiction! Action Adventure! Mythology! It was such an amazing piece to me. I had fallen in love. Then I was introduced to Stargate: SG-1 and the love I had started to feel for the film was instantly growing. The Goa’uld threat and the issues with the alliance between Earth and the Tok’ra were amazing. I loved the characters. Even some of the characters that only existed for a few seasons. Even Jonas Quinn and Colonial Cameron Mitchell. I was hooked.

I watched through Ark of Truth and Continuum. I wanted Stargate: Atlantis. Heck, I was completely surprised in Stargate: Atlantis when I found a character who was able to knock Dr. Daniel Jackson out of my number one most loved Stargate character spot. Ronon Dex. I loved the shows. I had to finish all of them.

Then I started watching Stargate: Universe.

Stargate? What happened?

I will admit that the premise was fascinating and got me to watch through a few episodes. A large group of people, not trained for off-world travel are transported to a ship built by the ancients. The power supply is too low to ever dial back to earth. How do they survive? Okay, that is a pretty interesting concept. And, as I am a huge fan of Lost (with a very similar premise) I started watching a few episodes.

In seven episodes I saw travel to a total of 3 planets through the Stargate. And it was not about off-world exploration. It was “Find this necessary supply and survive a few more hours.” Excuse me, but isn’t the point of the franchise to explore the far reaches of the galaxy? Go and visit planets other than our own. Relationship drama is supposed to be on the backburner! Who is sleeping with who is not supposed to be a major point in the series. It isn’t what I want to see.

By the end of episode seven, I could not stomach another episode. So I switched to another show that had been suggested to me: Farscape.

At least I am back to watching a show that I can completely enjoy. Already John Crichton, Zhaan, D’argo, Pilot, and Rygoth (I think that’s his name) are fascinating me. I’m only around episode seven and I even love Moya the ship.

Seriously SG:U? What happened?


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