LARP Weaponry

When it comes to LARPing, many people recognize that part of it involves combat. Sterotypically, you end up with the poorly made boffers. These are created from pvc pipe, pool noodles, and duct tape and rarely get more creative then just a sword. You all know the type that I am talking about.

These are some of the most commonly seen boffer weapons around. You have the basic sword. It is easy to make and since most LARPs are fantasy anyway, everyone has a sword to begin with. Besides, they are all nerds to begin with, so why does it really matter if they have anything more complex than that. It’s not like they have the money for it. They all live in their parent’s basements anyway.

Okay, sarcasm aside, using even the simple method of pipe, foam, and duct tape, there is actually quite a bit that you can do. In my own game alone, using this standard method, we have everything from very complex swords, axes, shovels, guitars (yes, we have two characters who fight with electric guitars), chainsaws, etc. There is  a huge variety in the kinds of weapons that you can build from this method. It helps that there are far more colors of duct tape than the commonly known silver. You have red, green, blue, pink, brown, white, silver, grey, zebra print, camo, peace signs, etc. There is such a wide variety of duct tape that you are limited to only what you’re mind can think of. Not to mention that you can use a soft open cell foam for variety. Even my own boffer creating experience (which is limited) has more variety than this due to the axe that I created.

However, then there are those who realize that creating the boffer with duct tape and foam can only reach a certain level of realism before it is stopped by the fact that it is still created out of duct tape. So, then you have those that go to websites like Dark Knight Armoury to buy weapons made with foam and latex. Not gonna lie, some of these are really cool and I do have some (specifically a staff called Rajin, the Magic Staff made by Calimacil). But they get expensive. Some run up to $100 plus for a single weapon. Right now, I don’t have that kind of money.

However, it isn’t that hard to make them. My boyfriend and I actually started making one last night. Little bit of foam. Some stuff called Plasti-dip. I can’t wait to finish it because it is looking awesome! Too bad I don’t have pics of any good latex weapons nor any pics of the weapon I started building last night. However, I will post pics when it is finished. But wow is it awesome!


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