New Job. Yay, I mean… zzzzz

I was granted the wonderful amazing oppertunity this past week. I was given the chance to be a teacher, a real teacher. The organization that I substitute teach for, they wanted me to be a long term substitute teacher at an elementary school. The special education teacher got into a motor cycle accident and they need someone to be there for a few months while he recovers. So they picked me.

Firstly, this is amazing. All of the schools that tell me they won’t hire me until I get more experience will now see that I have more experience. It will give me exactly what I need to hopefully be hired by a school district. Plus, it gets my name known in a school district. Having my name known is a huge thing. Not to mention that there are a lot of schools that will hire their long term substitute teachers as full time teachers. It also helps that every time I talk to the other teachers in the school, they all say how a large portion of this school district were teachers hired from other long term positions like mine.

In other words, this a huge chance for me.

So, I have been working at this school for the last two weeks. I started the school year with two days of professional development and training. There were two days of school last week and there have been three days of school so far this week. It has been crazy. It has been insane. I am getting to know the students. I am getting to know what their needs are. I am getting to know the teachers that I am going to be working with. I am getting to know what kinds of things that I will be doing. However, I am also so busy with all of the craziness of all the paperwork. There are so many things that I have to do. So much paperwork. So many meetings. In the end, I know that I will be getting amazing experience from the whole thing. I know that some things are going to challenge me, but this is the exact challenge that I have needed.

I am so very very excited.


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