LARP Staff

So, a few quick things.

One – I started up a new blog. It is called The Journey and it is specifically about my journey towards being healthier. This blog will still continue in its current form of me posting my musings about life and living and a lot of posts about roleplaying. No changes there. But I thought I’d put it out there that hey, new blog. Maybe you’ll want to follow and see how I’m doing.

Two – I chose a new theme/layout for the blog here. I loved the previous one. It was pretty. But that was it. It was pretty. The name of this site is Music and Zombies. It didn’t quite fit the zombie portion of the name. So I looked to see what else there was. I saw this and fell in love. The monster is so adorable and it fits the name of the site much better. I’m very much so a fan. I am glad I made this change.

So, I did something crazy today, well, yesterday night.

I sent in an application to become one of the staff members at my LARP.

Specifically I sent in an application to be a marshal. A marshal is someone in the game who helps the staff members. We help answer players questions. We look out for player safety. We work to get new players involved. We do card checks during the game and write out item cards. We police player-vs-player situations. We have longer npc shifts. We do a lot of things to help the game.

I’ve applied to be a marshal before. I previously did not get the spot because I also work at Renaissance faires and the faire I worked at (at the time) took over my spring. Marshals need to be at most of the games of a year. With my spring time being non-existant it was no wonder that they never hired me as a marshal. However, I no longer work for that faire any more. My current faire is very flexible to just about anything, including me not being there every weekend. This means that the attendance issue at game is no longer an issue.

I really hope I get the spot.


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