2012 in Review

January – I got my teaching certificate and officially became a teacher. Started filling out job applications. I wrote some short stories and enjoyed some great times with friends at my LARP.

February – Got back into my study of Martial Arts. I had some amazing plotting with close friends about characters that we play.

March – I had planned on auditioning for the Renaissance Faire but had to put that all on hold when I tore up the ligaments in my ankle. However, it gave me the chance to get a lot of my knitting done, even if I didn’t get completely caught up. lol

April – I made my first boffer weapon of awesome. I got to see Newsies on Broadway with a close friend of mine. My brother came home safely from Afghanistan and got engaged. And I found another renaissance faire to be a part of. I designed a new character to play at faire and began the sewing of the costume.

May – I got a substitute teaching job! I was honored by my graduating class for graduating Magna Cum Laude (a 3.79 GPA). I got to visit my home renaissance faire and finally bought a bodice from the company I have been eyeing for God knows how long. Two of my close friends got married and then moved to Florida. And I had major giggle fits over the idea of a movie of Les Miserables. I got to celebrate 2 years of a wonderful relationship with my wonderful boyfriend.

June – I got to celebrate the life of my grandfather with a lot of people. It was a blessing to remember him in such a happy light. I finally got to see the Tony Awards live! Continued being all crafty and enjoyed getting to know a new faire family.

July – Got to start learning a weapon in Martial Arts. Got welcomed back to my LARP with open arms and lots of hugs. Was introduced to the awesomeness that is Firefly. Made some drastic improvements in my special effects makeup skills.

August – Turned 24 years old. Was very hurt by how few people came to my birthday party but had a blast with those who did come. Got to lead a religion in my LARP. Got a beautiful new drop spindle for my crafting projects. Got an amazing gift from my boyfriend to help with my special effects makeup kit. Got a position as a long term special education substitute teacher.

September – Went and saw Newsies again for my birthday and got pictures with some of the cast members. Sadly discovered that my mom’s fainting issues is also one of my issues. Got some amazing yarn from NYC yarn shops as well as some amazing silk and wool fibers to spin. Went to the New York Renaissance Faire with my boyfriend and my brother. Celebrated my brother’s marriage to his beautiful new wife.

October – Went to another Renaissance faire with good friends and had a great time. Became much closer with some of my LARP friends and kindled some amazing friendships. Had a harsh introduction into some of the painful sides of teaching. Interviewed for my first full time job and got rejected. Spun my first full 4 ounces of yarn in less than a month.

November – Stood up for myself and my faith (something I have a lot of trouble doing). Joined a new LARP and had an amazing time playing evil. Got an aweomse 1970s poleroid camera that may still work.

December – Finished my long term substitute position. Learned how to make a bunch of jam with a close friend. Had an amazing Christmas. Got to celebrate my brother being IV free for a year now. Got the greatest gift ever of my own DSLR camera. Saw Shrek The Musical.

So what’s up for 2013? I’m going to take control of my health. I’m going to spend time getting in shape. I’m going to work and hopefully get a full time job. I’m going to learn to be proud of me.


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