All About Me

Daily Prompt – Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

My blog’s title, Music and Zombies had quite a bit of an evolution. I have tried numerous times to hold numerous blogs over the years.

  • Some blogger blog that I wrote where I tried to inspire me. Name is completely forgotten by now.
  • A blog that was attempting to keep track of my journey as an educator and the things I was doing with it.
  • Some blog that was trying to keep track of my crafting.
  • A fitness blog that I named The Journey.
  • This one.

So, how did I settle on Music and Zombies. With the exception of my very first blog, the rest are very specific. A blog about education. A blog about crafting. A blog about fitness. Then this random creation that I named with a very random name. What’s that all about?

Well, honestly, I was having trouble with all of those previous blogs. The journey is an exception to the having trouble rule because that was started after this one and was the first blog I ever made with a very specific purpose in mind. With that one I knew exactly what I was planning on doing and how and why. But this one? What was the point of it? The point was to encourage me to write. I find that writing, no matter what the style of writing is, encourages me to learn. I research. I think. I analyze. I wanted to write to continually challenge myself and my thought process. But I wanted to just write. There was no focus other than I wanted to write. So I created a place where I could just write. I would write about whatever I was thinking about. Whatever I saw or thought or was considering. It was a place where I could write it all down. That was the idea behind this.

So why specifically name it Music and Zombies then? Well, I’m writing whatever comes to mind. Music and Zombies are perfect examples of all the things I think about.

I am a musician. I sing. I play numerous instruments and have done so for years (at least 16 years on my longest played instrument). I teach music. I take part in musicals. I listen to music daily. I use music as inspiration and as enjoyment. It is a huge part of my life. If I’m writing about things I find interesting, it makes sense that music would come up quite a bit. It is such a large part of my life, of course it is going to come up quite a bit.

As for the zombies? Well, I am a nerd. I love science fiction. I love fantasy. I love table top roleplaying games. I love video games. I love Live Action Roleplaying games. I love all this kind of stuff. I have a whole box full of game rule books at the bottom of my bed. I have a shelf of my own video games in my room and most of my movies and tv shows of choice are science fiction, fantasy, super hero, and other classic nerd genres. So it also makes sense that I think about geeky things and geek culture rather regularly. It would also make sense that if I think about them regularly, I’m going to write about them regularly. Why zombies specifically, of all the nerd terms I could have chosen? I like the juxtaposition it creates to the music.

So there you have it. A title to a blog that is about the musings of life that I think up. Now to see where it takes me.


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