Revamp the Energy

I’ve been stuck in a rut on this blog.

I always had good intentions with it. I enjoy writing. I enjoy getting people to think, but I never really had a focus for it. I never really knew where I wanted to go with this other than I wanted to write. Plus, I recently started up a second blog about my journey to getting into shape. Over on that blog I’ve written 31 entries since the beginning of the year. Here, I’ve written no where near that many and I’ve had the blog for quite a bit longer.

So, I’m in a blogging rut. How do I fix it?

Well, I noticed that there are some really neat blogging prompts and ideas. The Daily Post has a lot of great prompts and ideas for various blog entries. I’m going to try to utilize it. Maybe it will start off as just what I’m writing. Maybe it will outright give me a way to be more focused in my writing. Maybe it will challenge me. Maybe it will help me find a focus for this blog of mine. So, I’m going to give it a try. Going to do separate entries for each challenge I do, even if I do more than one each day.

Let’s see where it takes me!


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