Daily Prompt – Describe the last nightmare that you remember having. What do you think it means?

I am not actually a fan of my nightmares. They usually involve feelings that I dread and often leave me shaking. So rather than doing the last one I remember, I’ll do one of my most vivid nightmares.

I had it when I was a young kid. But at the same time, it is still an exceptionally vivid nightmare that I had.

The first thing that I very vividly remember is the color scheme of the dream. Normally, I dream in either black and white or in color… as if it were tv almost. This had a crazy color scheme. Black, White, and Red. It was as if there was a red filter on the camera that filmed my dream.

I was sleeping in my bed with a teddy bear that I had been gifted at Christmas. It was a small black teddy bear that was holding a red rose in its hands. I remember knocking the teddy bear off my bed, which for some reason was in the middle of the room and not against the wall like normal. I leaned over to pick up the teddy bear and found it laying face up on the ground. It’s eyes started glowing bright red. I backed up away from it because it was rather frightening. As I did, it started levitating up off the ground. I decided to try and back away from it some more, but it started coming after me. Like, literally, the teddy bear started chasing me around the room.

As for what it means? I honestly don’t know. I never really spend time interpreting dreams or anything. I just accept that they happen. At most, I spend time praying that my dreams aren’t scary because I honestly do not like the emotions that come up when I have nightmares. But otherwise, that is the most time I spend on analyzing my dreams at all.


I guess that’s just me.


One thought on “Nightmares

  1. I’m not very good at interpreting dreams but I know Teddy Bear physiology…
    See a Teddy by nature, is protective, guarding their people against all manner of nasty beasties.
    Unfortunately your Teddy’s creators bound its hands, thus making it crippled and less effective.
    Seems to me that your Teddy simply entered your dreams to try to warn you about what might go happen… But since Teddies are sadly crap at dream weaving, it all came out jumbled and wrong.

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