The Unwanted


The bar was busy, as always. Johnny Two-Smiles was behind the counter flirting with two of the women who had drinks in their hand. Jarek was standing next to him, eyes closed and head bobbing in time with the beat of his kings playing on the court science device that Johnny had. People all sat around at the different tables, some were even huddled around the piano holding a conversation.

Jeanie stood at the bar, staring quietly at the glass of hooch in her hand.

When she first got into town, hooch had been disgusting and was something she didn’t quite like. Plus, a small glass would get her drunk. Now it took three or four glasses to get close to drunk and she very often would spend her cred at the bar. Then again, Yossarian had been right. Drinking helped when things seemed at their worst. They helped lighten the load just a small bit. Too much and it would actually make her feel more miserable. But a single drink or too and the world was just a tad bit better for a short while.

Jeanie sighed as she finished the glass. Hayven was awful right now. It wasn’t just the lack of food either. The people were down right rotten.

When it comes to a tank heart, everyone has to be on the same page. Otherwise, something could come up that might kill us all.
Well, that doesn’t matter. As long as Attica comes out alive.

Jeanie swallowed hard remembering very clearly as Attica’s friends had proclaimed that it didn’t matter whether or not she died. Jeanie stepped away from the bar and walked into the main room to look around.

We’ll talk in ten minutes, okay?

Sparrow’s words filled her mind, the promise that he never kept. Once again, he had avoided a conversation with Jeanie and left her alone instead of going to her like he’d said he would. Her eyes began to brim with tears but a deep breath was all it took to push them away? Had she drank too much tonight? Things were starting to bother her again.

She sighed and stepped out the door. There was a group heading down to GDI. She’d walk with them since the distance between GDI and the Dock Worker’s cabin wasn’t a lot at all.

What happened to Hayven? Hayven had been a place where people went out of their way to show Jeanie that she was a free Iron. People wanted her around and wanted her to know that everything was okay. She had teachers, family, and friends. Doctor Thomas became her father. Shea became her mother. She had siblings too. Medic and Jimmy Raynor. She had teachers in Doctor Thomas, Disco, and Agustus. She had people work with her all the time.

Now, most everyone had left.

Yeah, there were still people she spoke too. Jarek and Nevada. Jimmy and the other Dockworkers, especially Charles. Bell had started working with Jeanie more and more too. But, most everyone else, didn’t seem to care anymore.

Glitter didn’t talk to Jeanie unless something was very wrong. Mainz didn’t talk to Jeanie much either. Most of the Irons didn’t talk to Jeanie for that matter. Other crafters? Well, many were lucky if they had figured out Jeanie was an engineer or that she could build anything at all. Outside of the Kennel, the Dockworkers, and Bell, she was lucky if someone came to her with work. And even then, the Dockworkers often chastised her about her work. No, don’t build that, it isn’t worth it. No, you shouldn’t have sold that. What are you doing? Do you do anything for the dock workers? Then again, that wasn’t all of them. Charles, Jimmy, and surprisingly enough, even Lizzie acknowledged that she would get as much work done as she could for the union.

But, that didn’t stop the huge feelings of loneliness that plagued her. Or was that feeling in her stomach just the hunger getting to her? Or both?

Jeanie sighed and opened the door to the lakefront cabin that the dockworker’s had taken over. She opened up the trunk that she had built at the foot of her bed. Most of it were scrap pieces and fabric. Odds and ends. Not much to really worry much about. She started going through the supplies and grabbing the ones that were most necessary or that she didn’t want to lose. She pulled out the big blanket coat piece that she’d pieced together.

Doctor Raine was leaving for the Grove shortly. Jeanie was going with him.

At least there she didn’t feel alone or unwanted. And who knows, maybe she could fill her hunger if she stayed there for a little while.


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