I’m an Altaholic

Hello. I am Kristin. And I’m an Altaholic.

That’s a term my friends and I have been using for awhile now. Altaholic. I’ve also heard “I’ve got alt-itis” or many other variations of “I’ve got this great new character idea.”

Chances are good that anyone who has played in a campaign style RPG knows the feeling. Doesn’t matter if the RPG is a tabletop, a boffer LARP, a parlor LARP, whatever. You have a great character idea.

Now, you all know that I play Dystopia Rising, a Live Action Roleplaying Game put out by the company Eschaton Media. I rave about it. I write a lot of stories about it. And, now that I’m trying to do more than just write stories on my blog here (returning to other character stuff and chatting), you’ll probably hear more about it than just “new Jeanie story.” To be honest, I do play a lot more than just Dystopia Rising. I’ve also done the Dystopia Rising Table Top. I’m currently playing the Reality A Table Top. I’ve played Dungeons and Dragons (3.5 and 4.0). I attempted to DM a Star Wars D20 game. I’ve got a date with Fiasco coming up. If it’s a roleplaying game of some form, I probably heavily enjoy it.

Right now I only have two games that I’m actively playing. Dystopia Rising (the LARP) and Reality A. So I only have two active characters: Jeanie and KB.

But then there are all those characters that are bouncing around in my head.

  • Dystopia Rising – Eliza Softshore, Rover Caravan Driver
  • Dystopia Rising – Kira Sheehan, Remnant based loosely off of Chiana from Farscape (I think I’ve mentioned her before)
  • Dystopia Rising – 31415, Semper Mort, Feral guard dog type character
  • Dystopia Rising – Harmony, Cult of Fallow Hopes follower looking for inner reformation and penance of past deeds
  • Dystopia Rising – Willow, Unborn of Teixiptla farmer, creepy and makes me giggle just thinking about her.

The list goes on. Currently, nothing is there for Reality A since I’m still learning the game… but once I know it… I promise the list will exist there too.

Some people view this as a problem, the whole being an altaholic.


Well, I see it as this is a game. I’m playing a big game. Maybe Jeanie is no longer providing me with the fun I once had. Maybe I want to change things up. Or Maybe I like the various challenges of designing new characters. It’s a game. If this is how I happen to enjoy it? Well, then I’m gonna make me a whole bunch of characters.


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