I’ve seen a lot of people discussing it, so I’m gonna give my take on it.

In character relationships? Should you? Shouldn’t you? And if you should, how?

Firstly, if you don’t want that kind of roleplay, then don’t do it. Seriously. Go with what you want.

Now that we have that out of the way.

If you decide you want an in character relationship, there are a lot of things that you really do need to consider and discuss.

1 – Boundaries – Seriously, this is important. You need to discuss the boudaries of the relationship. You need to discuss with the other roleplayer and find out what is okay and not okay. You need to find out what you’re willing to play and how you’re willing to play them. But you also need to discuss this with your significant other. You need to see what they are comfortable with you doing and not doing (and why).

It is no secret that my character at Dystopia Rising (Jeanie) is dating someone (Caleb/Sliphox). My boyfriend and I have discussed this. He has been very uncomfortable with some of the players that Jeanie has had relationships with (even familial ones). This particular relationship he is okay with. Partly because the other player is gay (and therefore not interested in me actually) and partly because he understands the friendship that the other player and I have. That said, the other player and I have some very specific boundaries for our characters. If our characters kiss, we kiss the forehead. Nothing else cause we’re not comfortable with anything else. We have decided the lines and how they’re drawn and we follow them. We also check in with each other from time to time. I check in with both the other player and my boyfriend and I’m constantly making sure that everyone is constantly on the same page.

2 – Everyday life – This one is something many people don’t ever talk about but I think is rather important. What are the every day lives of the characters involved? How do they sleep? How do they live? What is normal for them? It’s a great thing to think about. And it allows for some wonderful little rp moments if a character is acting abnormally.

Ex – Sliphox was spending time wandering on his own every day. But the player clarified with me that he was always returning around sundown. So then at game when the character disappeared and then didn’t return til the next day, Jeanie knew to be worried and she knew to question him about it because it meant something wasn’t right.

3 – Sex – If they’re sleeping together, what’s it like? Now you don’t need to go into so many details that you can vividly picture the scene. But, at least have an idea of what is going on. It allows you to have little moments and quips with each other at game.

Ex – Sliphox goes back and forth between overly gentle (as in, holy crap, this is the woman I love, let me admire) and overly feral (clawing and biting). Jeanie is eager and has no idea what she’s doing so she follows his lead (and then bruises the crap out of him due to her being far stronger than he is). We sat and discussed this. Then again, the morning after they slept together, we also did makeup on each other. We covered me in scratch marks and hickies and we put hickies and two hand print bruises on him. (I love doing special effects makeup). But doing this allowed us to present the situation that we wanted to present and allowed the rest of the town to both tease us and tell us “FINALLY!” when they realized what the injuries meant.

So yeah, those are a few things to consider when deciding to roleplay a romantic relationship. Now, for those of you who want them? Go, get your cute romance on!


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