Journal Entry

I saw an interesting writing challenge today. I enjoyed it so I wanted to share it with you. Though, it is very short (mine is, anyway). It was, write a journal entry as your character. Specifically, a typical day. My character is Jeanie from Dystopia Rising. She doesn’t normally keep a journal. So I wrote it as if it was her first ever journal entry. Here you go guys. Note – The bad writing skills in it are actually the character’s writing skills.


I was told that I should write everyday in this book here. I asked why but no one could really explain it other than its like a letter but to me and in a book instead of given to a post man. Then I said it sounded like a waste of rare paper that could be better used to send letters or take research notes but they didnt know how to answer it. I think this is a rather stupid idea especially cause no one could really tell me why I should do this. They just say its good for you. People are confusing. Do you think Sliphox knows what this is and how to do this? I will find him and ask him. He knows a lot of people things that I dont know.


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