Dystopia Rising story. You know the drill. šŸ™‚


Jeanie spit the remaining bile from her mouth into the bucket and flopped back onto the mattress. The brown ceiling of the summerwind tent glowed above her with the heat of the morning sun and the iron groaned. She’d barely slept during the night. Most of the night was spent hunched over that bucket and then hauling it outside to dump. The times that she wasn’t knelt over the scrap bucket was spent trying to slowly drink water and keep the nightmares of the past two months away.

The iron rolled onto her side, too tired to try and empty the bucket right now and closed her eyes. It was better to try and sleep then face the reality of the empty bed she lay in.

It had been two months.

Two months since Sliphox broke his deal. Two months since he left her alone. Caleb had been there. Made another promise to never leave her. He was also gone. It had been almost two months since she’d seen him. Two months since he had watched over her. Two months since he slept next to her.

What good is someone’s word when even a rover born won’t keep his promises?

Jeanie groaned and slowly sat up. The sun on the brown tent roof made the tent disgustingly warm. It also wouldn’t be long before the tent reeked if the Iron didn’t empty and clean up the bucket she sat near. Besides, she’d have to scrub the sheets sometime soon. Some of her blisters had popped open in the night. There were stains of blood and green goo where they had rubbed against the fabric.

Slowly and carefully, Jeanie got herself off the mattress and dressed. She grabbed a stick to help support her tired and aching body in one hand and the scrap bucket in the other.

As she stepped out of the tent, she heard a jingle coming from down the hill. Her head popped up and her eyes darted toward the sound. For a moment, she hoped she’d see a familiar face with antlers on his head. Instead, she saw a familiar face, carefully made up with a coin belt wrapped around her waist. Jeanie sighed and turned back to the bucket, not even caring who Natasha was with or what they were doing. She made her way over to the tree line and dumped the bucket out. Some dirt was thrown in, swished around with a stick and dumped out. She repeated the process a few times, trying to clean the bucket as much as possible without trudging down the waterfront Once she got there, she wasn’t coming back up the hill for awhile. Stupid Pequod Port.

Once the bucket was relatively clean, she left it outside the tent and began her descent down to the main building where people had been congregating. Her eyes kept glancing around for a familiar ascensorite with antlers and her ears kept listening for the jingling of many bells. But, she found none of this.

With a sigh, Jeanie entered the main building and plopped down at one of the tables.

“Hey, uh, Jeanie?” a Bay Walker called over to the Iron.

Jeanie turned her head to the voice. A man in khaki pants and a tucked in blue shirt. He held a black bag in his hands. “Yeah?”

“You feeling okay? You’re kind of bleeding there.” Dr. Rain walked over and pointed to Jeanie’s shoulder. She glanced down and saw that a bunch of blisters had popped open. There was blood and a greenish puss slowly oozing from them.


“Why don’t I take a look at that for you.” He plopped down the medical bag. He spent a few moments poking and prodding. Asking Jeanie to do all of the things that doctors do when they’re checking on a patient. Then he sighed as he grabbed a cleanish rag and began carefully wiping the blood away from the burst blisters on her shoulder. “You really should let me cure this for you. I know it’s your faith and all, but it’s kind of killing you.”

“When it needs to be cured, I’ll come find you.”

“Jeanie, it’s not healthy. Have you seen any of these blisters?”

“It’s helping me to evolve.”

“It’s killing you.”

Jeanie sighed and turned to look at the Bay Walker. “And if it kills me, I don’t deserve to live.”

He stopped. “That’s not true. Everyone deserves to live. Besides, what would Sliphox think?” He turned to his bag and grabbed a clean bandage all rolled up. He began to unwind it around her shoulder, carefully wrapping the blisters inside.

Jeanie turned her head and looked away. Sliphox said he loved her. He said she was still his mate. So he’d want her around. Then why didn’t he come back?

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. I know it’s tough for you, not having him around.” Dr. Rain carefully tucked the end of the bandage so that it wouldn’t unwrap. “Look, he’s coming back. But he’s not gonna want to see you like this. Please, please, let me cure you.”

“Not now.” She didn’t turn back to face the doctor.

He grumbled under his breath. “Fine, at least let me keep checking up on you. When you want to be cured, I’m waiting.” He gathered his tools and slipped them back into his bag. “He’ll be back.” The doctor gently pat Jeanie on her unbandaged shoulder and then walked off.

Jeanie sighed and looked down at her scarred palm.

When would Sliphox be back?

When would he keep his promise?


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