Thrill Kill

This story is based off of the events of this past Dystopia Rising game. Jeanie is my original character. The others mentioned are original characters from other players within the game network. If you like the post apocolypse genre, horror genre, or zombie genre, then you should absolutely check out this game.

Note – This is the darkest Jeanie has ever been. In this tale she is actively seeking out torture and murder for enjoyment. You have been warned.


“This one is so obedient,” he giggles.

“I want to eat her glow. I want to make it disappear.” A cold knife slices into her neck.

“Little sister, little sister.” A syringe is plunged into her arm.

“That is the sound of your bones. Why don’t you see what your leg tastes like?”

“Why won’t she eat? This one is weak! Weak!”

Jeanie stretched her arms out and pushed up on the mattress. She cracked her neck from side to side before looking over at Caleb still asleep next to her. His eyes twitched and his paw tightly gripped the bells that he hadn’t returned to his boot. His other paw was gripped tightly around the knife he had removed from his belt.

Jeanie suppressed a giggle. Her knives were both in reach. His neck was so bare and so easy to get to right now. Just because he was a light sleeper didn’t mean anything. She could plunge the knife into his neck, killing him before the ascensorite could even swing at her with his knife. Over quickly and he’d never return to worry so much about his precious fucking bells.

But then, then it would be over too quickly. More fun to peel the flesh off in strips. Maybe skin the fur off his paws and see if they’re shaped like normal hands or more like an animal. Strip the hair off his scalp and tie weights to his horns til they cracked. All it would take is a good set of chains wrapped around his limbs and he’d see he wasn’t free like the wind. He’d scream before she even touched him with a knife.

Jeane reached for brown bag at the side of the mattress and pulled it open. The thick rope she kept inside was easy to pull out but the movements rustled the pieces of scrap within the bag.

There was a gasp and the mattress groaned. Jeanie turned, rope in hand, to see Caleb sitting up. His eyes wide open and staring at her. The knife was clutched closely to his chest and his left paw was stretched toward Jeanie a bit, the muscles tensed and ready for him to swing a punch.

Jeanie slowly slid her hand to the edge of the mattress and droped the rope, her eyes never leaving the Ascensorite. He sighed and droped his fist. He lowered his knife into his lap.

“Jeanie, what’s going on?”


He raised his eyebrows. He didn’t believe her. “Put the rope away Jeanie.” He turned away from her to grab his bells with his free hand. The paw closed tightly around them and his eyes closed for a moment before he turned back to Jeanie.

“What rope?”

“The rope you dropped off the bed so I wouldn’t see it.”

“There’s no rope. My rope is in…”

“You’re a bad liar and I’m a tracker, remember? Put the rope away.”

Jeanie huffed as she turned to grab the rope. Her eyes glanced to the two knives on the small box next to the mattress. She slipped the rope back into her bag and glanced back at Caleb.

“Leave the knife alone.”

“What?” she shifted back to face him. “I wasn’t going to grab the knife.”

He sighed. “Jeanie, stop.”


“Stop lying to me.”

Jeanie sighed and rolled her eyes. She should have killed him when she had the chance. Grabbed her knife first and just plunged it into his neck. She would have succeeded. It would have been her quickest and most successful kill yet, especially considering how weak her boyfriend was. He never took the time the get physically stronger. She could have easily wiped him out before anyone had even realized he was gone. Only she had decided to go for the torture route first and had woken him up. Stupid fucking iron.

Caleb slid out from under the blanket and began to grab his scarves, returning them to their proper places on his person. Jeanie watched him, confused for a few minutes, as he dressed and gathered his things, always careful to do so without dropping the bells from his paw. Then, he turned to face the Iron.

“Well, aren’t you coming?”


“You want to kill something, so let’s go kill something. Sun’s coming up soon anyway, so we’ll have dead eyes or something shortly. It’ll give you something to kill.”

Jeanie pulled her head back and scrunched up her face. “What?”

“Do you want to find something to kill or not?”


“Then hurry up and get dressed, silly glowbug.”

Jeanie grinned and giggled as she threw off the blankets and started pulling on her boots. It wasn’t long til she had gathered everything and was following Caleb out to explore early morning Pequod Port and find a victim that she could make suffer and scream.




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