Jeanie Playlist


So, most of you know that I play a character named Jeanie in a Live Action Roleplay called Dystopia Rising. It’s a game put out by the amazing company, Eschaton Media. Seriously, check them out. That said, the easiest way for me to get into her head is through the use of music. This means that I have a playlist for Jeanie. Since I have been playing Jeanie for over 4 years now, the playlist has grown to a decent size. I thought I would share the playlist in it’s current form with you all.

1 – Dystopia Rising Theme
“Ready to Die” by Andrew W.K.

2 – Jeanie’s Theme
“Be My Escape” by Relient K

3 – Losing Big Sis
“Falling Inside the Black” by Skillet

4 – Escape from Motor City
“Work” by Jars of Clay

5 – Learning SCIENCE!
“Still Alive” by Jonathan Coulton

6 – My Father
“I Need You” by Relient K

7 – Thoughts From May Cape
“This is Your Life” by Switchfoot

8 – Curie?
“Wire” by Third Day

9 – Escape from Aysea
“If You Could See Me Now” by P.O.D.

10 – Falling for Caleb March
“Fragile” by Ten Shekel Shirt

11 – Caleb March loves another
“I’m Not That Girl” from the musical Wicked

12 – Death of Caleb March
“Heaven Forbid” by The Fray

13 – Looking into the Gravemind
“Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Greenday

14 – Branded a runaway
“Not Gonna Die” by Skillet

15 – The Farm Children in Ripton Falls
“There is a River” by Jars of Clay

16 – The Gravemind in my Head
“Fight Inside” by Red

17 – Tank Heart
“Shadows” by Red

18 – Alive and In Love
“Good to be Alive” by Skillet

19 – In love with Sliphox
“Lion” by Rebecca St. James

20 – The destruction of Ripton Falls
“Bottom of the River” by Delta Rae

21 – Leaving Second Hayven
“You Found Me” by The Fray

22 – Sliphox becomes Caleb Hawk
“On My Own” from the musical Les Miserables

23 – Getting Thrill Kill
“Monster” by Skillet

24 – Join slavers or be a slave
“Never Surrender” by Skillet

25 – Final death (when it eventually happens)
“Bleeding Out” by Imagine Dragons

If you are interested in listening to any part of this playlist, then check it out on Spotify –

I also have a playlist on there for songs that other people feel are about Jeanie. It’s an interesting thing to listen to when I’m writing or getting ready for game as it adds some inspiration. Check it out as well.