Still Alive


This story takes place in the Dystopia Rising world, after the events of the recent national game known as Downfall. Now, I was not at Downfall, but that does not mean the events of the game did not effect my character. In fact, they did and in a major way. So here is her response to Downfall. As is normal, Jeanie is a character of my own. The other characters mentioned are from other players. The world is a post apocolyptic zombie filled wasteland, created by the amazing people at Eschaton Media. You should seriously check this stuff out. It’s amazing.


Jeanie stared down at the letter in her hands.

My God! He’s still alive!

Still alive? That could be only one person. Everyone else, every other person memorialized in her tattoo, she knew whether or not they were alive. That was partly because of the colors involved and partly because she had been in touch with all but one of those who were marked with green ink. All but one. Only the one had ever been questioned.

She glanced back down to the words on the small page.

My God! He’s still alive!

The Iron shoved the note roughly into the black pocket hanging from her hip. This couldn’t be happening. He left her. He was the one who had decided to get so wrapped up in his science that he walked away. And stayed away. For three years.

It was easier to think he was dead then to think he had left.

Jeanie turned and made her way outside. She pushed past anyone who was between her and the door. Who cares if there were slavers outside? She needed to be out of the Dunwich. She needed to do something. Anything. Not just sit around at the bar. She walked over to to Caleb and the group of new fish he was standing with. The Iron pushed her way into the center of the group and in front of the Ascensorite.

“Give me your armor,” she demanded holding her hand out for the piece.

“Why?” Caleb asked, slowly. Trying to piece together what was happening.

“So I can fix it.”

Caleb nodded and began to unbuckle the armor. “So, take some time. Figure out which weapon you want to learn and come find me later. Okay?” He slid his head out from under the large Keystone and handed the contraption to Jeanie. She immediately turned and began to hurry down the hill towards the workbench on the other side of the field, ignoring the steady ringing of bells that signaled Caleb was following her.

Upon arrival at the small building, she pulled open the door and threw the armor across the small room and onto the workbench. She threw herself onto the chair next to it and grabbed the armor to find any potential blemish, scuff, crack, anything. She needed to work on something.

The door creaked open and she glanced up quickly and then back down to the armor when she saw that it was just Caleb. He quietly sat down on a nearby chair, his knife in his hand. He didn’t say a word to interrupt her thoughts or her work.

What the fucking hell? He told her he cared about her. He gave her his last name and called her his daughter. And then he up and fucking disappears. Leaves without a trace and chooses not to return despite the fact that she had made it clear she wanted him around especially when she went into the gravemind. Instead, he fucking leaves her for some damn science project in his lab and he gets so freaking caught up that he doesn’t give any word.

Jeanie slammed her hammer into the metal of the keystone, banging out some of the dents in it. Her hand was tightly gripped around the handle, her finger nails digging into the palm.

Everyone thought he was dead but Jeanie had kept believing. He was just doing science. He would come back. He always did. But no. He didn’t come back. Eventually, even Jeanie had let go of the idea that he was still alive. Let herself be okay with the fact that he was dead and never coming back. For the longest time, the only reason she had stayed in Hayven was because she wanted to be there when he came back. Once she was willing to admit that her father had died, there had been no more reason to stick around. She had moved. She found her new home.

Jeanie sighed. She couldn’t find any more dents to fix.

“Give me your mother’s milk.”

Caleb looked up at Jeanie. “I don’t have any,” he said quietly.

“Bull shit. I want it.”

“I used it on Rain.”

“What about your collar?”

Caleb pointed to his bare neck. “It’s at the caravan til I can get more needles for it.”

Jeanie groaned and rolled her eyes. “Your armor’s done. Go back to teaching your students.” She turned and left the building. Caleb followed behind her, buckling his armor as he went.

She hurried back up the hill and into the Dunwich tavern, Caleb quietly following her the entire time. She glanced around and her eyes fell upon short pink hair.

Jeanie hurried over to the remnant girl, not caring whether or not Caleb continued to follow or not.

“Raven,” Jeanie interrupted the reaper’s conversation with Jerome. “Take me hunting with you. Now, please. I need to kill something.”