Music and Zombies is the musings and thoughts of Kristin, a young woman out of New England.

Kristin is a college graduate with two Bachelor’s degrees. She has a degree in Special Education and Elementary Education and a degree in Liberal Studies for Music, Theatre, and Creative Writing. She is currently spending her time teaching piano and Martial Arts and searching for a job as a teacher in the public school system.

Kristin has a passion for children and all things creative. Her passion for kids drives her to support kids through their educational journey. It drives her to fight for kids with disabilities so that they too can take part in what life has to offer. Her passion for the creative venue is most often manifested through the many instruments that she plays, the short stories that she writes, and the items that she knits and sews for her friends.

In her spare time, she auditions for musicals in local theatres as well as performs in local Renaissance Faires. She is an avid roleplayer, enjoying a vast variety of games, including Dungeons and Dragons, World of Darkness, and Star Wars d20. On top of table top roleplaying games, Kristin is actively involved in a zombie LARP as well as a Star Wars online collaborative fiction community. She has a black belt in Tang Soo Do. In the spring and summer she practices archery.

Kristin is a fan of fantasy, Star Wars, killing Zombies, Pirates, Music, and Theatre.

Kristin also writes a blog called The Journey which is her blog about her workout habits, weight loss journey, and general health/fitness feelings.